Life after Star Wars: The Old Republic

   Currently I am no longer a subscriber to SWTOR as I didnt re enter my CC information on Tuesday.  Personally, I am not finding anything of fun to do in the game post 50.  I despise battlegrounds (or whatever they are called in this game), I dont like the modern mmo playerbase and their absurd need to only play with people who have the best gear and specs, and the crafting is sub par and annoyingly slow.  People tell me “just play another class, see that story” my answer is hell fuck no!  I dont want to do the same planet quests ever again, they were borderline painful and i skipped most of the dialog (thank the maker for spacebar!). I love playing alts, but this game almost seems like they are trying to make people hate alting.  I got a few alts to 30, but i did it through the space battles. Level myself to the story level max for each planet the race through it to see the story.  But thats as dry and repetitive as redoing the planets again. 
   I have run into this issue with pretty much every MMO after WoW, I know its on me as a MMO is only as fun as you make it.   Me, I like zerg surfing.  I am damn good at it too, I can rack up tons of kills and earn tons of whatever point system the game uses for rewards all while being totally solo in a sea of players.  Its why I always resub Dark Age of Camelot after each new MMO release.  Even with its low population, i can still find quality zergs to surf with and have a good time.
   Currently I am waiting for Guild Wars 2 and Dominus to release as they both seem to be leaning towards a setup I enjoy, big ass group battle and happy zergs roaming the lands, and 3 sides in a fight.  As much as i bitched and moaned during my years in DAoC about the god damn fucking Mids always assjamming (joining into a fight in the middle battle) our crazy fights and being a general pain in the ass, I do miss it.  You never knew when your fight would end up a loss cause some random group of players came up behind you and jumped you.  I am not gonna get to worked up about these games though, as it will inevitably lead to me expecting too much from the game and being dissappointed… I need to stop expecting MMOs to give me the feeling i had back in 2002 running through Emain Macha, making all the Hibbies and Middies cry. 
   So for now, I am free from the surly bonds of Star Wars.  I can be found for atleast the next 2 weeks in Camelot, happily riding that zerg and hopefully taking a few keeps, towers, and relics along the way.
-Cortical, Grand Master Albzerg Surfer

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