Adventures in KT Tape.

   Its been a lil bit since I spoke on the KT Tape, cause well not much had changed.  It holds up awesomely and works great.  I had my knee taped up with the same 3 pieces for 14 days and it hardly showed signs of fraying even.  This week however I pushed the tape in new ways. 
   I have been working out plus with the weather being so nice I have more actual work outside I can do.  So earlier this week I got home from work and rubbing alcohol cleaned my knee and foot to prep for a new taping for that nights cardio workout.  I got the tape on, it was a really picture perfect job on my full knee support and my plantar fasciitis.  So the workout began and all was well. 
   About 15 minutes into it I felt something hitting my ankle. I looked down and the tape on my ankle had started to peel off.  The stickyness was gone.  Same for my knee.  Now this isnt a knock on the tape, perhaps I did something wrong, perhaps I stared sweating too soon after applying it, or maybe it was just a sad few pieces of tape.  Once the workout was over I hopped into the shower and all my tape peeled right off with no effort.  The next morning I reapplied it and havent had a problem since, till Friday.
  I have spent all this week in a forest chainsawing and clearing it out makin it look purty for the bosses.  Its a lot of bending, kneeling, twisting and hiking.  My knee tape job has taken a pummeling.  Branches grabbing and tearing at it.  Kneeling in the muddy nasty leaves and sweat from constant movement.  The tape has held well through this, but this time I noticed a little more peeling on the edges.  I cut up another piece and added support to the edges, all no stretch, just to keep the edges down and help keep them from getting caught so easily and rolled back.
   So I learned a lot this week about the tape.  Its amazing stuff even when using it in rough nasty conditions.  Now I just gotta get my wife to buy me some other colors… Black and orange is ok, but I need me some Blue and Yellow so I can represent the Chargers properly all year round!

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