Tiger Cages and the balanced budget

So I had a fair amount of time today to really sit down and ponder the budget crisis we have all across the world.  I was doing a lot of soul-searching in an attempt to save the entire world.  I think I came up with a solution that has no possible downside.

First off we need to collect 10 wild tigers, none of these weak ass zoo tigers, no real bona-fide ass kicking wild tigers.  Now, we take these tigers and cage them up in small 1 tiger cages and only give them water for a couple of days.  We put food out in front of the cage but do not allow them to eat it.  Also, we can if we want, poke ad prod the tigers to piss them off more.  Now, once the tigers are primed you wait till your lawmakers have their budget meetings. Once they are all in there and comfortable you bring in the 10 caged, pissed off wild tigers.  You set each cage with a timer set to a time of your choosing (pick one that will properly give your lawmakers time, but not too much time) and have them rigged up to open the doors at the prescribed time.  Make an announcement to your lawmakers that they have X amount of time to balance the budget before the tigers come out and feast upon their greasy human flesh.  After that, lock the doors from the outside and make sure all exits are sealed.

Now, you may want to in advance setup cameras in there for viewing pleasure if your local lawmaker meeting area doesn’t already have them.  You can use this as a pay per view event and pull in some extra cash or just have it for a quality YouTube upload that I guarantee will get a million hits in no time.

Your budget will either be balanced, or you will have eliminated the worthless politicians and can elect new ones that suck less and will have seen what happens to the bad politicians.  It’s the greatest Win Win situation ever!  seriously, there isn’t one single downside to this.


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