My biggest problem with Wurm Online

   So I know a bit ago I was all up on Wurm Online, and honestly, part of me still kind of is.  But I have one glaring problem with the game thats keeping me from playing it.
   The problem is that its too much like my normal life.  Ok, I hear the grumbling of “how is that possible” or “yeah right”.  Seriously it is, hear me out.  I work as a groundskeeper/jack of all trades at an estate.  My job ranges from feeding deer, birds, and fish to forest clearing and other such labor jobs. I find it very hard to spend 8 hours clearing out trees at work then come home and play a game where I spend my time that day clearing out trees.  Dont get me wrong, I see Wurms allure, and I do feel the urge to build and create in the game, but its almost always a feeling I have in the morning and by 2pm i want nothing to do with virtual digging since i just spent 6 hours digging dirt and planting flowers and such. 
   So I will still be in and out of Wurm, but I cant forsee myself playing it too much.  Ya know, games are supposed to be an escape from real life… Maybe someone needs to make a MMO where you work in an office and you can build, decorate, and invade cubicles all while staying within the set parameters of the office guidelines… Maybe have wandering office managers who can kill you.  I could see myself playing that.

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2 Responses to My biggest problem with Wurm Online

  1. Gareth says:

    Just a little tip to keep Wurmonline interesting, don’t do your day job in game, find someone else to do it. Wurm is ‘Multiplayer’ for a reason. That way you can go out start killing huge spiders or scorpions, i’m pretty sure you don’t find them in your day job.

    • Yeah… But I have been doing that in MMOs since 1997. I dont know what I am looking for exactly. And I do enjoy Wurm, but I dont see myself dropping 8-10 hours a day on it like I have been known to do in other MMOs. 🙂

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