The one that got away.

We all have that story, you know, the story about the one game that got away.

For a little back story first, I grew up on Robotech. For me, Star Wars was some bullshit story told by old people. I wasnt a fan, I didn’t get how people could even consider it good.  So for me, every time they even hinted at a Robotech game in america I went ape fucking shit.  For the longest time our local arcade (Kids, this is a place, usually in a mall where its poorly lit and usually only one way in and out… where they had video games for us to play that were usually way better than what we could get at home) had a Super Dimensional Fortress Macross top down shooter in the arcade I easily spent a few hundred bucks playing in my days. To me, Robotech is the greatest space opera ever told… also it had fucking singing so it’s already a better fucking space opera than Star Wars which in fact had no singing

My story involves a game that I think if it had been released would have changed the world. It was Robotech: Crystal Dreams.  Back in 1995ish they announced a new Robotech game for the N64, boasted some amazing ideas, and things unheard of, at least in my circle of gaming friends (remember kids, in 1995 the internet wasnt even half the beast it is today information still came pretty slowly and via paper mediums mostly).  They boasted open-ended gameplay, huge dialog with familiar characters from the tv show, and the claim I wish to god I could have tested myself, the claim that the openworldness would take 6 months real-time to travel end to end. what… a cart based game with an open world larger than anything even conceived on our current gen systems. SIGN ME UP!   The game was meant to be released around the time the N64 released and I couldn’t get enough info on the game, I spent days scouring magazines and searching webcrawler (yeah…there was no google, I don’t know how mankind even managed to make to 1995) for anything.  As time went on and of course projects of this size get pushed back the information dried up and the people who reported on games moved on to something else.  Sadly, a few years later the dev went bankrupt, the game was scrapped and a dream I had died.

I still think about what might have been, how different games could have been with an open world, open-ended game had made it in 1995, on the N64.  Who knows where we would be, maybe the game flops and nothing changes, or maybe it changes the world and now we have games with sprawling open worlds larger that galaxies.  Yes, I am a bit of a dreamer. Sadly, I grew up in america, and Star Wars won the space battle.  We have a billion and one games involving Star Wars, and only a tiny few Robotech games.

I think in the not too distant future (next sunday, AD?  heh)  I will have to uphold a promise to the kid in me…  import every Robotech game and system it played on here and live the dream.  But I know the dream will never be completely fulfilled cause one part of it died forever.


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