Bounty Huntin’ in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Recently I started playing a Bounty Hunter in SWTOR, I needed a change of pace from my Jedi/Sith obsession and I figured playing a no nonsense BH would do the trick.  So as I designed my character I decided I would play him as a guy who does the job hes given as requested, no bribes, no being talked out of it, ya know, a model employee.  Now I am not trying to play him neutral or anything, nor am I going light/dark on purpose, but by Level 20 I have noticed a trend.
   Currently I am just about 1700 dark points and only 400 light.  More often than not doing the given job gives dark points and I find that kind of annoying.  Im doing a job, nothing more.  Since Bounty Hunters are Empire, almost every Empire given quest ends up  giving you dark points.  I really think the quests need to be looked into a little more there, the game almost has a lean towards dark across the board.  Try being a Sith and doing light stuff, its annoying. Now try being a Jedi and doing dark, and they pretty much pile on the dark points. Its easy as hell.  And the neutral options are almost non existant some times. 
   I know they are adding in neutral rewards, but they also need to add neutral quests or more options for light/dark as you quest.  Its so lame to keeo myself neutral I have to do diplomacy gathering crew skill and farm light/dark points.  Its not something im even doing at that point… How can i be a bad guy when im sending my companions to go do it elsewhere. 

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2 Responses to Bounty Huntin’ in Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Ya is like pulling teeth to go light. I’m only light 3 on my level 50 because it seemed like if I did 1 dark option, another came up a d another racking in 200 or more dark points a quest. I do light and I get 50 points and the quest ends.

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