Adventures in sickle making.

So last night I decided to really get into this Wurm Online game as really see what its all about. 
   So first off I made my character on Deliverance and started out in Green Dog.  I took a few minutes to browse the Wiki to get the basics down and then just headed out into the wilderness.  I didnt stray too far from Green Dog cause unlike other MMOs, you are not a bad ass hero.  I beat the shit out of a young deer and an adolescent Dog as I made my way around the area.  Theres no map, and a compass that only works when sitting still so getting lost was a real concern.  My biggest issue I was having was there were no trees in the area as its a newbie area and everyone slaughters the trees so quickly.  This is where my adventure begins.
   I decided that I would be the sole protector of the forest and start replanting tree around Green Dog, to do this you need to get sprouts from trees using a sickle, that you dont start with.  I headed up the side of a mountain where no one seemed to have been recently and started prospecting, looking for the elusive iron ore so I could begin my sickle making.  After maybe 20 minutes, bang, I found a spot that said that there was iron in the area.  So I began tunneling, after a good long while I finally broke into the side of the mountain and could begin mining.  So first off I prospected all the walls of the cave in hopes the ore was there.  No luck, damn it. So I start mininh straight ahead picking and picking until finally I break the wall and open up more area.  Prospecting again… Nothing, damnit. So another round of mining, and it seemed to go faster this time as I broke down the wall and went in deeper.  I prospected and woot!  There was the iron ore just waiting for me to take it.  So away I went, I got 5 ore then realized i was way encumbered.  So a basically crawled back to Green Dog where there was a forge and started heating my ore to lumps so it was manageable.  I went back to the mine all happy but I needed more ore!  So I did the same thing again.  After the second time I was tired of the walk and found out you can heat ore in any old fire!  Holy shit, I can build a asembly line in the cave and produce a ton of Iron lumps.
   So away to the forest I went to find an old tree to cut down for wood, kindling, a a handle for my someday soon sickle.  But I learned sometimes things arent as easy as they seem.  I took my few logs i could cary and tried and tried and tried to make a fire and failed a dozen times.  I had to go back out for more wood.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity I finally got my fire and started mining.  I would hit mine, grab the ore and toss it in the fire and combine any lumps that were glowing.  I had an amazing system going, ore, lumps amd mining was one well oiled machine!  Once I had what seemed like a fair amount I started to look at what I could make.  Well shit, I have to make a small anvil, ok fine.  I make a small anvil and start to see what I can make.  Hmm no sickle blade, maybe i have to be a higher skill to get it.  So away I go making blades using ore and time.  Finally after a while I got irritated it wasnt showing yet and asked around and found out I need a large anvil. Goddamnit, back to mining.  I got enough ore and made my large anvil.  It was late, and I was groggy and ready to call it a night.  But I knew I had to finish what I started.  So I got enough ore for a sickle blade and there it was, ready to be made.  Failed… Fuck…. Enough ore again, bam! Sickle blade.  I carve up my log, im all pumped up, I will finally complete the quest to make a sickle thats taken me 3 hours.  I click create, its almost 2 am, I really need sleep, the bar is crusing along, i totally got it.  You came so close but failed to make a sickle.  And the blade got broken in the process.  Fuck this, i will finish this quest tommorow.
   Heh.  I had a blast playing for hours, I got nothing done and in the end failed at what I was trying to do.  But ya know what.  Its motivating me to get back and finish the fight vs the sickle!

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