Skyrim vs Saints Row 3

So last night I finally got around to beating Saints Row, and after all the craziness, twists, and wrestling with chainsaws I have come to the conclusion that Saints Row is a superior game than Skyrim.
I know I stated in my fav game of 2011 I had Skyrim and my number 2 and Saints Row at number 4 I think. Anyways, at that point I had only fucked around and only done a handful of missions.  So I am more than willing to change my opinion.  The gameplay and story of Saints Row just appealed more to me, it was predictable at times but then many other times it was just off the wall batshit crazy or so out of left field that it was awesome.  I wont go into any details, but the mayor of Steelport… Fucking awesome! Couple that with the sillyness of the Saints Row world and crazy over the top gang warfare madness and gunplay and it made for a recipe of pure awesome.
In contrast, Skyrim was a beautiful game and a beautiful story, but there wasnt much to it outside of the standard RPG stuff.  There were no amazing or crazy twists or other oddities in the story to keep you wondering if the next scene would be another “fuck ya” moment.  The story was by no means lacking, no it was very good and I loved playing it, but now that I beat it, I really have no desire to relive it.  I did love being able to craft and combine and do all sorts of shenanigans to make myself crazy strong, and the magic was alwas fun to use.  But again for me it felt lacking, almost like there was even less to do than Oblivion.  Still, not a lacking game at all, the game was outstanding all around, but it just didnt catch me and pull me in like Saints Row.
I will still be doing stuff in Saints Row, I want to do achievements, I want to take over the city.  Skyrim can continue to hang out  in my kids room while he plays it, im good on that game.

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