KT Tape – Day 5

So I had said I would be trying out some tape on another body part today but last night as I was getting into be the tape on my foot caught the blanket funny and peeled back to the point of it was just easier to rip it off and go to bed.  And since I was low, and the benefits of it on my plantar fasciitis out weight my need to goof off with the tape elsewhere.  So I reapplied my foot and did a new set on my lower back. 
The accident last night however was a boon more than anything.  I got to feel what it was like to not have the tape on overnight, how would my foot feel when I first got up.  So when I got up the first thing I did was slide out of bed and stand up.  And as expected my foot was hurting a lot more than in the last 4 days.  But I did notice it wasnt hurting as bad as pre tape mornings, so I have seen overall improvement in my foots health.  So thats another plus.  I didnt have an overly rough day at work so the tape held up well, but I am still waiting, giddy with anticipation over the delivery of my Pro tape.
For now, this will be my last post on the day to day life of KT Tape on me. I will get my Pro rolls and starting Feb. 1 I will restart my daily workouts with the tape and will restart this.  I have a few areas that I have trouble with pain that I will be using the tape on. That I havent used it on yet cause the only time they hurt is during a specific exercise. (ie. My right shoulder has issues a few lifting motions that dont come up as much outside of workouts). So thanks for reading, stay tuned I will be back in a few days.

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