KT Tape – Day 4

Today is day 4 with the KT Tape.  I did some tape swapping last night.  I had my original 2 pieces of Pro on my foot for the Plantar Fasciitis and had picked up some basic stuff to try elsewhere.  The stuff did great but lacks the durability of the Pro tape.  I decided to swap out the pro stuff cause it was slightly fraying on the ball of my foot.  Wanted to see how the basic stuff did on my foot where it might not be twisted so much.  I also went with the knee support light on my tweaked up left knee.  First off, the light support was like a dream.  I felt like i was walking normally for the first time im years.  It was great all day at work.  But as i guessed the tape got its ass kicked and is fraying and peeling off badly by the end of the day.  The stuff on my foot held up much better.  But not as good as the Pro.  So for usefulness, the normal stuff is good for a day or two, it does everything it says it will.  But it just lacks the long term durability.  I ordered a few rolls of Pro today and will keep using the normal stuff till it shows up. 
  Im almost addicted to this stuff, all my little nagging problems i have built up over the years of sports and labor are feeling so much better.  Cant wait for the Pro tape so i can try it out on my back and have it last.  Will try on a different body part tommorow as well.   More to come.

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