KT Tape – Day 3

So I am now on day 3 of using KT Tape.  I decided to give it a shot on my lower back since thats been another area for me that has been suspect.  I used the 2 strip method instead of the big 4 strip one.  Almost instantly i felt better and when i bent over to touch the floor i had an increased range and 0 pain.  The stuff is amazing.
   My only beef now is the tape i was using on my back seemed to lose stickyness pretty fast and is already wanting to come off only after 1 day.  Now its official KT Tape, but i dont believe its the pro, im not sure.  Its slightly different than the first 2 i used in that they can split in half and become different shapes.  Also im not sure if its just cause my back twists and bends and hits stuff more than my foot.  Either way, the stuff is bad ass and totally worth it for my back even if it only lasts a day.  I think i am a total convert.  I will be getting back into a full time workout routine and will really put this stuff through its paces.
   I will have more tommorow perhaps.  I want to see how well the stuff i put on my plantar fasciitis is sticking and how long it stays on.

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