Bring forth The Hammer!

No, not that Hammer, the Ban Hammer! (ug heh!)

Ahh the good old MMO banning, along with suspensions, these seem to be the only tools devs and CSRs have to combat bad behavior and shenanigans players do in their games.  In some cases this is more than enough to set a player on the proper course, they take their punishment and sometimes that’s the end of the really bad behavior.  But more often than not the banning/suspension is just a laughable bump in the road or an excuse to go harass other people in another game.  I think its high time we take the banning/suspension thing one step further.

I think in addition to the banning/suspension they need to add a tooltip when you right-click a player that has a menu for all infractions the account holder on ANY character they have or create.  Detailed accounts of all the bad things they have done including dates and times of the infractions and how long they were suspend or banned (cause some bans are not forever).  I know that seems rather harsh and some what invasive, but this is a MMO world and not a free and open society.  Their actions can directly hurt the pocketbooks of the developers, which in turn can hurt the players with slow or stopped release of content and whatnot. Also they should add a server list on the web with links to all players who have had bans/suspensions.  No account names, but lists of all the character names and when and why they got in trouble.  There needs to be real consequences for their actions that can and will directly affect their gameplay and can help players avoid such people if they so desire.  Yes, I want a blacklist.

It’s high time we started to make examples of the idiots and make it so being a jackass isn’t so desirable to as many people. I know even with the harshest of punishments some people are just gonna be fuck wagons, but the sheer volume of them will shrink if they think they will get a nice happy scarlet letter that will haunt them the rest of the game.


(yes… I know, a picture of MC Hammer, it was terribly unoriginal but I soooo wanted to post it heh)

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