KT Tape day 2

This morning was gonna be the big test for this KT Tape.  Every morning I wake up and my Plantar Fasciitis is so painful from not being stretched  all night that walking down the stairs is brutal, painful, and slow.  This morning however I had much less pain in my foot than I have had in weeks.  It was a very nice morning.  So far day 2 with the tape is working out well.
I had it on all day, hardly noticed it all day.  Its very comfortable to wear.  I got around to taking a shower this afternoon and the tape is great in the water.  It didnt peel off anywere and has yet to even get loose when I towel dried it.
Cant wait till tommorow to see how its working out, since they say it can go 5 days or so.  I bought extra tape and will also give it a whirl on my sore lower back and my shoulder/arm that have had minor chronic pain.

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