Totally Uninformed: Conference Championships!

This is it, the final week before the Super Bowl. A week where more often than not the games are better than the actual Super Bowl.  This has been an odd year with teams that had suspect defenses becoming the leagues top records.  So without further ado.

Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots
   The Pats and Tom Brady in paticular had a chip on their shoulder last week cause no one talked about them and they were sad.  The proceeded to honkey stomp the hapless Broncos like 223 to -32 or something.  It was probably the worst game I actually watched all season.  This week I am sure they are back to talking about the Pats again so their egos wont be bruised this week.  The Ravens seemed to haphazardly fall into the game by barely beating the Texans.  Now they are stuck with the job of handling the Pats in Foxboro… It doesnt look good for Ray Lewis and company.  Joe Flacco and the offense will probably do the usual C work, which is enough to keep most games within reach.  So the entire load will be placed on the Ravens D, which is good but will have a hard time if they are always on the field.  The Ravens always seem to play well enough to win, the question is will the Pats play poor enough so it isnt a blowout. 
   I forsee the Ravens winning this one in what will be an ugly but good game.  Nothing fancy here. 


Ravens 24 – Patriots 21

New York Giants vs San Franciso 49ers
   The Giants managed to turn on the we dont suck button at the right time again.  The somehow managed to overcome winning against Fat Hand Romo and the Cowboys in the regular season to make the playoffs, the kicked the ever loving shit out of the Falcons (the only Falcon points came from Eli…he must have felt bad for them), and the discount doublecheck team of destiny the Green Bay Packers.  The Giants, despite having Dur Dur Manning (thats what my wife calls him cause he always looks clueless) at the helm are a contender to win it all.  The 49ers were a team no one really expected to be at this point, and personally I am glad they made it.  They are a tough team who dont seem to ever give up.  They were overlooked all season by me because of my location and even though they had an amazing record the just were marketed nationwide.  I really think the Niners are the better all around of the two teams, but somehow Eli manages to Dur Dur his team to victory.  This will be the game of the week I think.


49ers 31 – Giants 24

There ya have it. We will have a Harbaugh Super Bowl!  Which will make for a awesome Super Bowl week as the press tries to get the two of them to fight or something.  Time to go prepare to watch some football on my phone till i can get home to a real tv.

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