Plantar Fasciitis vs KT Tape


Thats my foot.  I have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and its been buggin me for the last like 4 months.  Tried a bunch of different things so far and nothing has seemed to help much.
   My wife got a free sample of this goofy pink tape I keep seeing athletes using and I giggled about it cause I really just assumed it was voodoo mumbo jumbo like the magic magnet bracelets my boss wears and tells me it makes him more healthy. Whatever noob.  Anyways, since it was free I figured what possible harm could come from atleast trying out. 
  So before work I looked at the video on how to apply it and went for it.  I am no expert at this so I can only assume I didnt get the taping totally right, so once I was taped up I tossed on my boots and headed off to work.  I have a 30 minute drive to work, and usually I havent stretched out my injury by the time I get in so its always still sore for the first couple hours, but not today.  I hopped out of the car and instead of the limp I have from the first couple steps I had a lot less pain, like I had been stretching it before hand.  It wasnt all healed up, but I did feel a decent improvement over non taped days.
   So this stuff says it works up to 5 days including showers and stuff so I will keep it rollin.  But if today is an indicator I may just be a convert to the silly pink tape as I have a few other nagging injuries that may infact be helped by this stuff.  I will have to go pickup a roll and try it for sure though.
   I will keep updating for the next 5 days on how this stuff is working through daily non athlete life.

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