Needed Things In: Madden 13

Its coming up on a odd year for the Madden franchise which means one thing, time to buy a new Madden game.  I only buy one every 2 years cause I am not a fool (anymore heh) and buying the same game every year.  They always add/improve enough every couple years making the game worthwhile. 
   Some things they leave out always irk me, sometimes its things that get removed, other times its stuff that should be in there.  One thing I think the next Madden needs is the ability to commit penalties on purpose.  Back in the 90s on the Genesis you could after the play pop people and get 15 yard penalties and such.  I always loved taking out some agression on the other team when they had a big play or got a first down.  Cause in real life NFL players do that kind of stuff when provoked or what not.  Now I am not talking about letting you fight, just dive into them and knock them over. 
   Another feature is to add the ability to excessivly celebrate.  I want to be able to go Ickey Woods on people when I score.  I want to be able to taunt and provoke and whatnot.  I know its not in the spirit of sportsmanship but fuck it, its a video game… if I wanted to be a better sport I would get off the couch and go play actual sport (ok I wouldnt cause I am a poor sport when I lose and an even worse sport when I win). 
   Just a couple suggestions i think would improve the Madden experiance and add something to the game that kinda adds to the realism.

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2 Responses to Needed Things In: Madden 13

  1. madden 13 says:

    How awesome would it be to nail someone after the whistle lol. That is a great idea! It would be cool if you could have more originality with the celebrations too.

    • Yeah. make you have to do them like fatalities in MK. when you score you have to do a series of controller motions to start a specific celebration. and you can keep it going as long as you want but risk a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

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