Wagon, wagon…

I am officially back on the MMO wagon.  I will, despite what I said earlier, be subbing to SWTOR.  I know I said I was done, but I think I found a happy middle ground with my gaming habits.  See, I think the biggest problem I was having was during my weekends (Monday and Tuesday) I would play for 10+ hours a day cause I had time with most of the kids in school. I was burning myself out too easily and quickly.  I spent last week and some of the week before just fucking around in Saints Row 3 when it hit me, I wasnt bored of MMOs, I was just needing to break up the routine.  I can admit now that I am no longer a one game guy.  I need variety.
I got to level 42 on Sanka last night and level 22 on Discount (Sanka is my Consular in Delusions of Grandeur, Discount is my Sorcerer in Imperial Mercenary Corps) and had a good time doing it.  I took away the pressure I always put on myself to level at the speed of light, I decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride. And most of all I decided that my Xbox and PS3 need some love too and I wont neglect them any longer.
Time to get back to actually enjoying gaming, like when I was a kid… Speaking of that, I think I will hook my Genesis back up.

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