Why SWTOR needs to fail

Since the patch 1.1 came down the line, people have been in a mass uproar wishing that bioware would just close TORs doors and move on cause the game is a total failure from one patch.  And ya know what… I that thats a brilliant idea.  The genere as a whole needs the death of this beast.
  Why you ask? Because the genere has become a commercialize shitstain if what it used to be.  World of Warcraft brought us an amazing golden age of MMOs where we the players were no longer oddities, we were the norm, we were mainstream.  After a few years and a few million subscribers WoW had changed the face of MMOs forever.  The mass influx of players inevitably lead to the core players of MMOs to have to deal with every complaining jackass and bitch mother fucker out there just looking to do the new hotness.  Other companies and investors saw what look like easy money and started flooding the market with mass produced crap that seemed to only have box sales in mind and nothing about retaining players. 
Then finally we have the reported 300 million dollar behemoth known as Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The juggernaut meant to topple WoW and be the new hotness.  This beast must fail, we need mainstream investors, and big name companies to be terrified of the MMO genere, we dont want them here anymore, we want our niche community who always seemed to feel it was us vs them, where we complained but if an outsider tried to talk shit each and every player would rally behind our game and defend it to the death.  We need mainstream players to leave the community, your cancer has ruined a beautiful thing we had here.  SWTOR must be our poster child to anyone wishing to come to our genere with big bucks and corporate sponsorship that you are no longer welcomed here.
SWTOR must fail if we will ever hope to see the genere move forward.

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2 Responses to Why SWTOR needs to fail

  1. rowan says:

    Not even sure what to say here.

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