Touching that special place.

Not that one ya perv…

   Rift is a game that will forver have a special place im my heart.  I wont delete it off my HD anytime soon even though I feel like I “beat” it back in August.  So your probably asking why is it special, well Mr., Mrs., or Miss Impaitient, I am getting there.
   Before Rift I was an blog reading guy, mostly about mmos and such.  I was a fan of many of the writers and always kinda held them in a stardom type light.  I met some of the Multiplaying people back in the Warhammer days and thought it was totally awesome, cause these were people I read and enjoyed.  Then came Rift.
  Rift snuck up on me during a time when I was out of the MMO game and not paying attention.  The MP crew through their wiles and charm got me hyped up for the game during the early access.  I decided to buy and play it cause of them.  Once I got settled into the guild I came to see many familiar names in the guild.  Many of them were the blogggers I had spent the last while reading.  It was like weird and kinda crazy for me.  Almost like being at a party full of famous people who are all pretty damn cool.
  After weeks of playing many were following me on twitter and we had conversations and atleast to me (and I hope them) became friends.  I have found a new passion in writing, even if I suck at it because of Rift and how it introduced me to this awesome group of gamers.  So no matter what is said or what I am playing, Rift will always be one of my favorite games I have had the pleasure of playing.  Thanks Trion.

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2 Responses to Touching that special place.

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Rift and bloggers suck ! Man, I should always troll. I love the feeling of being an ass. Anyways, bloggers are just stupid people that think other people hold them at a higher standard. Obviously, that is true. I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t make my ego way bigger. You should probably keep sucking at blogging because you are doing a good job at it. You don’t want to do good and suck do you?

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