Girls in games.

Why is it that there are so few  games with dedicated female leads?  Not like a Skyrim or Saints Row, where you can choose to play the canned story as male or female a real honest to goodness action game where the lead is a female.  I know there is some notion that all gamers are “bros” who do manly things, dont cry when loved ones die, or have any real emotions outside of what should we blow up next. Sure, there are some and yes it might be atleast half of us, but cmon, dont stereotype us as beer swilling jackasses who only care about chainsaw guns and tits. (chainsaw guns and tits do infact rule, but I am much deeper than that)  Just like there is some notion that female gamers are all casual farmville players who prefer furniture simulators and heartfelt emotional games about feelings than pickin some noob off at range with a sniper rifle. Yes, I know plenty of women that enjoy these games, but I know more that have no trouble handing guys thier asses at any First Person Shooter.
   I really think were to a point in gaming that men would have no trouble picking up and playing an action game with a female lead.  Not a platformer, or puzzle jumping game like Tomb Raider… No, an honest to goodness straight up action game, or role playing game.  Sure, I know many “manly” men will feel oh so threatened by the fact that they are playing as a girl and somehow this makes them gay or whatever, but I think for the most part we can handle it.  I know I can as I have spent the better portion of my gaming life playing all my games as a female.  I figure, if I am gonna be staring at someones ass for hours on end… It may as well be a womans ass. 🙂 (yeah… Im a pig at times, its ok) 
   You know what else they need, and I know this flies in the face of gaming tradition, a female lead who isnt a scantilly clad double D bouncy boob chick who only exists in reality in rare occasions.  We need one with a game who makes her believeable, but not the usual damsel in distress who picks up a gun and manages to beat the odds.  No, a woman who can handle herself but isnt just the typical male lead with a female skin, someone with emotions and whatnot (this goes for the male leads too, im kinda sick of playing the same billy bad ass cowboy character in almost every game). 
  I know many games arent sexist on purpose, they are catering to a market, but I really feel its a market that can not only handle, but embrace a true female action hero.


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10 Responses to Girls in games.

  1. Scarybooster says:


    I’m just going to have to rethink my life and priorities now. Whhhhhyyyyy!!! Whhhhhhyyyyy! Who is going to make me dinner now?

  2. Makes me want to get back to Beyond Good and Evil…

  3. rowan says:

    Hear, hear! I love trailing around my lovely bride, letting her be the badass Bounty Hunter, while I do the carebear Operative healing.

  4. 6lade says:

    I pretty much agree with what you are saying but ultimately I think lead character design should be dictated by the type of story the game is trying to tell. More games that feature female leads is good as long as that fits with the story and setting. I don’t want to see games throwing in a female lead to appease demographics if it doesn’t mesh well with the story being told. Likewise the same goes for game character stereotypes. If you want your game to be over the top with muscle bound heroes and scantily clad unrealistically proportioned heroines then by all means go for it, just don’t create a realistic story and setting to go along with with it. Likewise if the game wants people to take it seriously, then the characters in the story should be portrayed that way too. One of the reasons why I like the Alan Wake franchise is because Alan Wake himself is a somewhat believable character thrown into a serious situation and he has to rely more on the environment and what is in it to survive over having over the top skills or powers that normal people just don’t have. That being said I still also like mindless kill ’em all games with steroid ridden characters as well. The gaming industry has grown into an entertainment powerhouse in the last couple decades and I think if it wants to keep growing it needs start taking itself and its audience more seriously.

    • For sure… The story has to work too. It cant just be gears with tits… But that said i dont want a story too crafted to femaleness. Dont make her and her story a damsel in distress stuff.

      • 6lade says:

        True, that would not work well at all. While I don’t think a female lead necessary needs to always be a super kick ass robot ninja chick, though I am not personally against that, she definitely needs to have a strong independent type personality that lets her stand on her own. A game where the lead character is a chick that needs to get rescued all of the time would get boring and old really fast.

      • Yeah. She doesnt need to be a supermodel or a lara croft clone. More believeable women. 🙂

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