You, me, piracy, and SOPA

First off, this isnt another rant on how terrible SOPA is, its bad, we all know it.  No this is a different kind of rant, a rant towards all of us.
Corporations and Governement are not solely to blame for SOPA.  Yes, they wrote it, and yes in the end they will decide if it comes to pass or not. But each and every one of us had our dirty little hands in the pot that created it.  Cause I do not know a single computer using adult who has not in their life stolen data from the web.  Yes, full scale pirates are the real problem, but all of us didnt help.  Sure, a big gash can be fixed, but if you stack on tens of millions of papercuts on top of it the problem becomes really huge.
Do i blame corporations for trying to do what they are doing? No, i dont.  Money is the blood for any corporation, and if some punk ass fleas or something started draining me of blood i would do everything in my power to make them stop it.  Thats really all they are trying to do.  Ofcourse its probably the equivalent of me pouring gasoline on myself and lighting it on fire to remove the fleas…
We all know SOPA wont stop large scale piracy, but remember when you get all pissed off at godaddy or whatever scapegoat gets choosen this week, that the shitty Metallica album you downloaded ten years ago helped start all this shit.
We are all to blame that its come to this.

P.S. Yes… I have downloaded a metric asspile of music and movies in my life. I have since stopped, all the data has been deleted and everything i own now is legal.

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