Pop the hood, lets see what you got

So like many others I decided that for now, I wouldnt resub to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I didnt see any bugs up to level 40.  The story was fun and well written. The game played smoothly and wasnt to shabby lookin.  Honestly, it is a very well made game, and worth the price of admission.  But the problem was its at the core the same game i have been playing almost every day for the last 8 years.
Deep down, i knew that SWTOR wasnt going to be different, i had hoped the voice acting and storylines would be the catalyst that brought new love for an old genere.  It wasnt.  I ended up enabling subtitles cause i read faster than they talk and spacebaring through once i had read the important information.  For me, the voice acting system acually bogged the game down more than i had hoped it would.  But the worst of it was once i had the basics of it down it was too familiar and got stale.  Yes, theres no auto attack… No longer can i pull mobs and then get up and talk to my wife while i mindlessly plug away.  But really all it ended up doing was making me do the autoattack.
Strip away storylines, characters, races, and background and you have the same game as World of Warcraft, Rift, and the other fine games like it… Games i have spent the better part of the last decade playing.  And i am to that point where i am ready to have something new, i am looking for that mmo that decides to take a risk even if it doesnt make them Warcraft money. What that is, i do not know. Trust me, if i knew what would be the next big thing for the mmo genere i would have found a way to make that game or sold the idea to someone who could. 
So for now, i am gonna roll mmo free and see where the wind blows me. Maybe i will fall back into the arms of an old favorite or maybe i will be tempted into giving SWTOR another month.  Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Pop the hood, lets see what you got

  1. rowan says:

    I hope you find what you are looking for, even if you don’t know what that is yet. 🙂

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