Looking to the Future!

Well 2011 is behind us all the way now, we have all settled back into reality for the most part. Now I can sit down and finally begin to dwell on whats REALLY important for 2012… What bad ass new releases am I most looking forward too! Theres a lot of games on the horizon this year, some are pushbacks from last year and others are newly slated for release this year.

Far Cry 3
2012 To Be Announced

I was so jazzed up when Ubisoft announced this last year at E3. I actually made a tweet that I would be pissed off it they didn’t make a FC3 or Rainbow Six announcement before their conference. I am still to this day in love with Far Cry 2, it was easily one of the best games all around I have played. I hope to god they keep the stellar map editor in the game and definitely hope to see more fire!

Halo 4
343 Industries
Holidays 2012

Ok, my interest in Halo 4 is more curiosity than actual desire to play another Master Chief game. Can 343 Industries take up the reigns and lead the Halo franchise into the new era, or will they drive that fucker off the side of the grand canyon into an amazingly awesome end. Only time will tell but either way we will all get to Restart The Fight… or Move on ton a new Fight… or something. Either way, I so can’t wait!

Lollipop Chainsaw
Grasshopper Manufacture
March 2012

I personally hate zombie games. But after seeing the trailer for this i was laughing my ass off and knew this is a game i must own! If you doubt its awesomeness then go check out its trailer.

Yeah.. i knew you would be a convert.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
May 2012

This game has been coming for a while and i have been looking forward to it for a few years now. I’m a sucker for a Tom Clancy shooter. And all the high-tech gadgetry and shenanigans and online co-op. I am just hoping i can talk more friends into buying it.

Thats the list for now, i know there’s still a bunch of 2011 games i want but havent picked up yet and who knows what else might pop up this year. I will be getting my bi annual Madden game. (i only buy the odd years) Also I assume there will be another Call of Duty game I will say that I wont buy but then will be at the store on release day buying it cause that’s just how i am.


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