We here in the MMO community seem to have a major issue with only looking to whats coming instead of enjoying what we have.  My pal Scary Booster at Scary Worlds! was ranting about it on twitter today (@scarybooster) and it really got me thinking about it cause even I  suffer from this from time to time. 
   What is it about us that seems to not be able to accept satisfaction in mmos?  Are we forever looking to recapture the feeling of our first mmo, or is it something else?  It is human nature to look to whats next, its our sense of exploration, and for a lot of us its what drives us to achieve.  Me, I tend to be able to remain very satisfied with my MMO of choice for around 6 months, then I get the wanderlust.  Usually I just start to wander back to the old standards, Dark Age of Camelot or World of Warcraft.  But then I will start to look to the future and try to get a sense of whats next, and usually once that happens, my old game of choice gets dropped like it hot.
   Take Rift for example, simply put it was one of the most fun MMOs I have played in a long time. I have dropped almost 1000 hours into the game, five level 50 characters, two of which are decked out in circa August 2011 T2 gear.  But at the 6 month mark I was burned…  I made a 1 month comeback in November but couldnt even muster the desire to play again.  For me Rift is done… I consider it beaten and will never go back. 
   Now I am currently in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I will be paying for a 6 month sub here, and I am trying to not suffer from the burnout so I dont have a reason to look to the future so much.
   But heres why I think people lose interest in games and look to the future, its your friends fault.  I have a lot of friends who are super amped (i have always wanted to write a blog and say amped! Thats one thing off the bucket list!) for Guild Wars 2.  They talk about it, they research it, and they know pretty much everything about it.  So as they chit chat about it, I cant help but become interested in it cause they are my fiends, and I like to keep friends with similar interests around me to make my life more enjoyable.  So of course I start to peer into the future with them and sometimes the hypemachine or just developer promises are enough to make me want to switch.
   So now that I have rambled a shitload… Where was I?  Oh yeah the future…  I can only say try not to dwell on whats to come cause a lot of the time you miss the awesomeness of whats here right now. 


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