Youre doing it wrong!

What is it about MMO players that they need to almost go out of their way to point out everyones flaws in how they play their choosen game or choosen character? 
   Last night i was beboopin around Hoth, killin dirty Imps and having a good time.  I ran into another Jedi, he was killin the same Imps but on the other side of the encampment.  He must have been watching me or something cause out of the blue i get a whisper… “Dude, you arent playing a Shadow right at all. You need to go back to WoW noob”. Now mind you, i never once touched his mobs, or got in his way.  We stayed apart so no one would ever have to wait for a spawn.  Ill be the first to admit, im not the best at following cookiecutter min/max templates, nor am i inclined to figure out the best rotation, but i find a mix that works well with how i play the game and fits me in a way that seems to work very well.
   This isnt the first instance of this happening to me.  Its happened in pretty much every mmo post WoW.  Now i fully understand min/maxxers and templates for raids and pvp, its needed there, sure there are instance where the guild is so good that they can have looser tolerances on raids for specs  for X amount of characters.  For soloers no one has any right to just step up into someone elses business and tell them what they are doing is wrong, you dont pay thier monthly fee, you arent their boss.  I just wish as a collective community we could just let this your doing it wrong shit go.  Keep your templates and rotations to yourself until i am in your raid group.

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4 Responses to Youre doing it wrong!

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Did you reply back to him? I would of told in I was about to tie a shoe string to my neck and kill myself. A disgrace I am for playing my shadow wrong

  2. Leiralei says:

    “Your doing it rong.” Get it rite, mmkay?

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