Twitter Zone

Twitter is an amusing little tool, but sometimes it leaves me feeling this odd sensation of almost Deja Vu.  I mostly follow gamers, game developers, bloggers and friends in twitter.  I like to see what they are up to im their day to day lives and stay in touch with them.  Its a cool tool for fostering friendships that you might normally not have had.  And yes, I consider online friendships as real and valid as real life friendships. 
  I also follow a few celebs who i enjoy thier movies or shows, and like to see the behind the scenes stuff they sometimes post up.  This is where the creepy deja vu feeling comes into play.  Right now i follow Dwayne Johnson, (@TheRock) he posts pics and updates from his movies hes working on.  I get to see all these interesting movie things from on set.  Then eventually the movie makes it to theaters and i sit there and kinda know whats happening cause of the pieced together stuff i got from twitter.  Its weird, im sure no one else feels it, but hey, i do and its weird. 
   Another instance of this, and even a bigger case of it cause there isnt as big of a delay from filming to airing is following the mythbusters Adam Savage, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci. (@mythbusters, @donttrythis, @grantimahara, @ToryBelleci). Now as of late the updates have been a lit les, but during the last filming session there were so many from all of them, sure it ruined some surprises from the shows, but it was still fun to watch and see stuff i saw a month or 2 ago from twitter.
   Thats my silly twitter story.  Sure, i dont use it to save the world or anything.  But hey, no one ever said thats what its for anyways.

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2 Responses to Twitter Zone

  1. MissLauraC says:

    I enjoy stalking/being friends with celebrities too. Knowing Stephen Fry’s every passing thought is kinda cool.

    • Yeah heh. I follow Martha Stewart to keep up with her homemaking shenanigans cause it helps me in my job since my boss uses her books like the bible during holidays. Mostly though i follow weather people, they are in the semi famous catagory. 🙂 But it is fun to get a glimpse into their live (ya know, if its actually them using it and not someone they pay).

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