Totally Uninformed: NFL Wildcard Weekend!

Welcome to Wildcard Weekend, when the gloves are off and sometimes the rules dont apply!  Lets dive into this and see whats up.

Cinncinati Bengals vs Houston Texans
Both teams meandered into the playoffs with less than spectacular games at the end of the season. This one can go either way honestly.
Im seeing Bengals pulling this off and winning 21-17

New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions
Detroit had a remarkable season, I really didnt see them being better than 6-10 (and still dont see them as an elite team) and will get the task of going to New Orleans and facing a Saints team that is an elite team and unbeatable at home this year.  And after how well the Lions D stopped the Packers backup QB last week only allowing almost 500 yards passing and a meager 6 touchdown, I am seeing Drew Brees and the Saints to mudstomp the Lions out of the playoffs.
Saints win 44-35

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants
Pretty much the Giants have hit the play good football switch and are rolling into the playoffs as one of the teams to watch. The Falcons managed to get here somehow, with little flash or fanfare.  I really dont know anything about them.
Giants win easily 24-14

Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Thanks to my Chargers beating Oakland Jebus and Teebs are in the playoffs.  So far vs actual good teams the Teebs has be pretty much useless.  So we get to see him face off against one of the best defenses in the league.  This will either be the worst game of the post season or the best.
I am gonna throw my chips all in with Tebow and Broncos.  Denver wins 20-17 in heroic Tebow antics.

There ya go, just 4 games this week.  This is probably my fav week of football because you never know when some low life shouldnt be in the playoffs team will put down the best team in the league in amazing ways.


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