Top Six games of 2011. (That i played)

So here we are, the end of another year and according to what we think the Mayans thought, the end of humanity.  So to celebrate I will give you the best 6 games I personally played this year.

   To start off i have to say that i did not play every new release this year, so i am not slighting any paticular game cause its not on this list.  Its a personal preference for my tastes and all that jive turkey stuff.  So without further ado…

   Number Six: Rift

This MMO by Trion burst onto the scene in March, I had heard nothing about it so i went in blind and was left amazed at what this game was.  From the soul system to the insane amount of content added made this one of the best games of 2012.

   Number Five: Saints Row The Third

This sandbox open world 3rd person shooter brough me back to the good old days of Grand Theft Auto.  It is good mindless fun. Add in a co op mode, and a giant pink dildo bat and you got a game that will be fun to play for years to come.  Also, Long Live Genki!

   Number Four: Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary

I was infact one of the 12 people who have never played the original First Person Shooter known as Halo.  I knew the story, but had never experienced the game.  So being able to play it in updated or old school graphics was a huge plus.  Its amazing how far Halo has come.  Add in new maps and modes for Halo:Reach and it makes Halo CE:A an amazing game.

   Number Three: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This First Person Shooter is the next chapter in the MW series (and i assume the last) was a 6 hour campaign of violence and action.  It was nearly too much as you went from one place to another.  It was the creschendo to the series in my opinion and was worth the money.  The multiplayer was somewhat revamped, enough to make me happy.  Might have been game of the year if one and two got released in 2012.

   Number Two: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What hasnt already been said about this open world RPG?  Nothing, the game is amazing in scope and sandboxyness.  You owe it to yourself if you enjoy RPGs to give this game a whirl.  Bugs and all this was a near perfect game.

   And finally, after much thought and consideration. Cause either one or two could trade places, they were both so good.  But in the end it came down to my personal favorite choice in generes.  So the waiting ends here…

   Number One: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Another MMO released in 2011 turned out to be the best game i have played this year.  I was in a naysayer mode for the longest time cause without playing the game yourself it can be hard to judge if you will like a MMO.  After my weekend beta i knew this game was something special.  No it doesnt break the MMO mold, it does however add enough to the recipe to make it better… Like bacon on salad.  Also the game has brought together so many friends and communities and its like the old days of MMOs at times with so many people on, chatting, leveling, and having fun. 

   There ya go, my number one pick simply came down to me liking MMOs more.  2011 was an amazing year for games, there were so many that are i know oh so good that i just couldnt afford.  But i will get to them, i promise!  So if i dont see you or post here again this year i leave you with this…

   Have a happy and safe new year.  And get ready for 2012, cause if its anything like 2011, its gonna he another great year to be a gamer.


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4 Responses to Top Six games of 2011. (That i played)

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Good list. I agree Skyrim is great game I love, but I find myself more drawn to MMOs. Rift was great game but I got Birmingham to play fast

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