Totally Uninformed: Week 17 picks for the NFL.

Here we are, the final week of the regular season and one of the most annoying times to pick games as many times starters sit most of the game to rest for the impending playoff.  So without further ado…

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

Detroit and Green Bay are already in the playoffs.  Detroit needs a win (or Atlanta loss) to secure the #5 seed and play a weaker team instead of San Fran or New Orleans.  For some reason i am thinking the Pack wont sit anyone just to beat a division rival and make it harder on them.

Packers win 33-30

San Francisco 49ers vs St Louis Rams

San Fran needs a win against the hapless Rams to get them the #2 seed and a bye week.  Look for them to bring it vs the Rams to head into the playoffs on a high note.

San Fran wins 27-0

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins

Hey Rex… I thought you said you would be winning this years super bowl.  A requirement for that is to actually make the playoffs.  The Jets need to win and a pile of other teams to lose to make the playoffs.  Good teams dont need help to get into the playoffs. 

Miami wins 24-20

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

No Peterson, No Forte, No Cutler, No reason to watch these two non playoff teams stumble around the field for 3 hours.

Vikings win 13-9

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

New England needs to win for the #1 seed. Buffalo has slid to failure and is meaningless now.  But look for them to try and spoil the Pats party.

Buffalo wins 31-27

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

Will New Orleans rest the starters or wont they.  Im thinking they will cause they have nothing to gain or lose. 

Panthers win 17-14

Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles

Who cares…

Redskins win 24-17

Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

The only highligh of this game is if the Colts will lose on purpose to secure the #1 pick in the draft.  Seeing how they purposely gave up an undefeated season for no good reason i think they will throw this game.

Jacksonville wins 14-12

Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans

The Titans need a miracle to make the playoffs, and it starts with winning this game.  The Texans probably wont start the starters.
Titans win 23-19

Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta is still in it.  Tampa Bay is not. 
Atlanta wins 27-14

Baltimore Ravens vs Cinncinati Bengals
Baltimore at home and with a lot to play for will be against a wishy washy Bengals team.  Look for the Ravens D to tear up the Bengals offense and end the season at home and electrify the crowd.
Ravens win 38-9

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns
Two teams with injured QBs playing in game of no importance to Cleveland (still important for Pittsburgh though). Look for it to be a stand still 3 and out fest.  The highlight will be the inevitable illegal hit James Harrison will do cause the guy just doesnt seek to get the new rules of the NFL.
Pittsburgh wins 12-9

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos
It seems that Jesus Christ has forsaken Tebow as of late.  But look for him to shine his holy light upon Teebs.  Denver needs to win this to secure the AFC west for themselves or they will have to rely on thd very unreliable Chargers to beat Oakland.
Denver wins 21-17

San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders
Thanks for the season Bolts.  You made me laugh, you made me cry (for six fucking games in a row damnit) and now you need to wrap your season up by not giving the Raiders a chance to win the AFC west.
Chargers win 37-24

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals
Both teams are out of contention.  But look for Seattle to make a strong showing as a precursor for next season where i see them doing big things.
Seattle wins 21-10

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys
This is the game of the week.  It is essentially a playoff game. You win and your in… Losers go home.  Injuries wont be a factor, Romo will play.  I dont see this being a shootout though.
Giants win 17-14.

Thats it for the season.  It was all in all a good season, i kinda wish i did this thing all season as i had a lot of fun.  I dont know if i will do a playoff version yet…. But all signs point to yes. 🙂


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