Being perfect doesnt mean you have to be perfect.

   I know that doesnt sound right at all, but hear me out.  I am with all of you on being very upset at gamebreaking, save killing bugs, they ruin games and make life miserable.  Nothing is more disheartening than watching a few hundred hours of your life go poof because of no fault of your own.  These are unacceptable bugs, these are bugs that warrant being mad.  But beyond that, there are bugs that im my opinion add to a game.  The silly bugs are awesome easter eggs im many games, some days i spend my time in game trying to make them happen.  I have a nostalgia towards old games and their wild bugs.  I can say truthfully that for many of the games i wouldnt have enjoyed them as much without them.

   Bugs are inevitable, they will happen to every game.  You have millions of the most creative people i have met trying to do things in a game, things that got overlooked cause they dont have millions of people to test games.  We need to accept this and stop being so upset over it.  These are games, they are supposed to entertain and god for bid make us smile.  For example…

   If your a gamer, and that didnt atleast make you crack a little smile, you might want to rethink your hobby.  These things wi always be here with us, i for one dont want my games to be clean room perfect.  Sterile and void of any real character.  Give me my sillyness, give me my bugs and most of all give me my games!  To each and every developer, i thank you.

   And one more for the road…


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