Why do I neglect you.

There is just something about MMOs and their monthy fee that cause me to completly neglect my wonderful console/pc single player games.  I dont know about you, but that 12-15 dollars a month seems to guilt me into trying to play nightly for 8+ hours.  I still buy console games and the occasional pc game for 5 bucks, but if im playing an MMO at the time then i will be lucky to play them more than an hour a week.
   I know i get more than 15 bucks of entertainment a week from my MMO of choice at the time, but im like an addict, and have to fill any non family/work time with MMO time.  Anyone else like this? Do you feel slightly obligated to play more than you should cause of the monthly fee?  Or am i just an oddball addict who cant tell when to quit and play my xbox/ps3? 

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