You let WHAT happen to my WHAT?

So again we sit here looking at an message from a company informing us that they have been hacked and pretty much all our information has been stolen.  Part of me knows this is an inevitability in todays online world.  With how much info we put out there its bound to get stolen somewhere along the way.  This post isn’t about how Sony should get with it, or how Trion Worlds should “do better”.  No its much more selfish than that.

Yesterday I saw a message on fucking twitter (They did not even bother sending an email) that I should look into my Trion Worlds account (Rift) cause they got hacked and everything they had on me probably got stolen.  That sucks, cause unlike my Sony thing that had a credit card I had cancelled, this had info I still use.  sucktastic.  So I do all my password changing and deleting all my CC info (which  I should have done when I cancelled my account anyways!)  and move on with my life.  Later I see that Trion, as an” oops my bad” gift they give me an in-game bonus to earn more in-game money and 3 free days.  THAT’S FUCKING IT???  You drop the fucking ball, and you say your sorry by giving me something I don’t and wont ever fucking use?  Fuck you… At least Sony had the balls to step up and heap piles of games and 30 days of PS Plus, and letters and pretty much a big ass package of goodies that actually made me play my PS3 more.  Seriously, after the Sony hack, that caused me no harm at all, I was pissed and ready to set my PS3 on fire.  They came along and in my opinion made things right.   Trion came along and said, yeah whatever man.  We trust them with all our info, the least they can do is try.

Sure I might sound like a spoiled brat to some of you and that’s fine.  But having to deal with credit card companies and my bank and countless other bad things that can come from this is annoying damn it.


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4 Responses to You let WHAT happen to my WHAT?

  1. raremage says:

    totally agree. They screwed the pooch and proposed a pathetic compensation plan as recompense.

  2. Glad im the only one that sees that. its absurd. and the way they are playing it off it seems like they dont even care either.

  3. rowan says:

    While I agree it sucks, what do you propose they do to compensate. As you said regarding Sony, you still use their product so their Sony product compensation alleviated your ire. If you happened to play Rift still, the compensation might help. They can’t give you real money.

    • Well the 3 days works even for me. But they could have given the bonus gift things they offered, or the special mounts. Or 30 days. I would play for 30 days if offered. 3 days is meaningless. And one item in game. They could piles of in game items it costs them nothing. Also i stoped using my ps3 and had no intention of ever using it again. Same with my psp. But 4 free games and other goodies made me happy. I got a few hundred dollars in stuff.

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