Totally Uninformed: Week 15 Update

Sorry I am a bit behind on this one.  Got caught up in intergalactic shenanigans in Star Wars:The Old Republic.

I do believe I did not fair so well this week.  heh


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons.
Me: Jacksonville 27 Atlanta 20
Actual: Atlanta 41 Jacksonville 14
Whoa… Yeah I screwed that one up. L

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Me: Dallas 24 Tampa Bay 10
Actual: Dallas 31 Tampa Bay 15
Pretty close, just ended up being a higher scoring game. W

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills
Me: Buffalo 13 Miami 6
Actual: Miami 30 Buffalo 23
Damnit. Stupid Dolphins. L

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears
Me: Seattle 21 Chicago 14
Actual: Seattle 38 Chicago 14
I didnt expect Chicago to implode so magically this week. W

Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts
Me: Tennessee 17 Indianapolis 13
Actual: Indianapolis 27 Tennessee 13
??? L

Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs
Me:Green Bay 42 Kansas City 10
Actual: Kansas City 19 Green Bay 14
????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? L

Cinncinati Bengals vs St Louis Rams
Me Cinncinati 23 St Louis 6
Actual: Cinncinati 20 St Louis 13
Yeah, I didnt care about this game either. W

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
Me: New Orleans 31 Minnesota 20
Actual: New Orleans 42 Minnesota 20
Yeah, Minnesota sucks. W

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants
Me: New York 20 Washington 19
Actual: Washington 23 New York 10
Good Job Eli on channeling your inner Rex Grossman. L

Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans
Me: Carolina 27 Houston 20
Actual: Carolina 28 Texans 13
Yep. heh. W

Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders
Me: Detroit 31 Oakland 27
Actual: Detroit 28 Oakland 27
This was a wild one! Thanks Detroit! W

New England Patroits vs Denver Broncos
Me: Denver 24 New England 21
Actual: New England 41 Denver 23
It had to happen sometime. Thanks New England! L

New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles
Me: Philadelphia 27 New York 24
Actual: Philadelphia 45 New York 19

Cleveland Browns vs Arizona Cardinals
Me: Cleveland 17 Arizona 14
Actual: Arizona 20 Cleveland 17
Told you it would be a nailbiter! L

Baltimore Ravens vs San Diego Chargers
Me: San Diego 31 Baltimore 21
Actual: San Diego 34 Baltimore 14
LOL Ravens defense! Also, thanks to Denver and Oakland losing and the Chiefs winning the AFC west is still winnable by ALL the teams… W

Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Francisco 49ers
Me: Pittsburgh 23 San Francisco 21
Actual San Francisco 20 Pittsburgh 3
You shouldnt have played Rapistberger. His complete lack of concentration lost the game for them. L

So thats that…. Not as good this time, but hey, did any of you pick the Colts or Chiefs to win? yeah it was a weird week in the NFL
7 right and 8 wrong today.


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8 Responses to Totally Uninformed: Week 15 Update

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Never doubt the power of the PATS! Teeeeeebow can’t get that lucky. Evar!

  2. Scarybooster says:

    Lol no that was me being a stereotyping douchebag. I only don’t watch football because I don’t have cable tv. It’s like trying to watch General Hospital. I’m lost as to who the good guy is and the bad guy

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