Totally Uninformed: NFL picks for week 15!

Another installment of Totally Uninformed.  More NFL picks using no actual information. 

   Last week i went 12-3. Lets see if i can have a repeat peformance.

   Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons.
Short week for these teams, the Jags coming off an amazing preformance and the Falcons who had to fight to win. Jacksonville pulls it out and wins 27-20

   Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas is in a tailspin it seems, 2 weeks in a row losing cause of an iced kicker.  This is prime time for Tampa Bay to stop sucking and win one.  But i dont think they will.  Dallas wins 24-10

   Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills
Both these guys got toasted last week. Miami fired their coach. I dont know what the fuck is goin on here.  Gonna call it Buffalo wins 13-6

   Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears
Seattle is showing spunk and have the heart to win any game it seems.  Chicago just got their heart torn out by Tebow.  I dont know how they can win another game ths season.  Seattle wins 21-14

   Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts
Another craptacular game. If theres someting else on watch that instead.  I do not forsee the Colts winning this season.  Titans win 17-13

   Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs
Lolchiefs!  Green Bay stomps them 42-10

   Cinncinati Bengals vs St Louis Rams
Cinncinati we easily handle the Rams.  Bengals win 23-6

   New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota showed that they can lose a winable game as well as the Chargers.  Missed facemask penalty or not. No excuse for screwing up like that. The Saints are a machine and win 31-20

   Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants
Washington shows flashes of mediocre football and the Giants are the Giants.  The Giants win in a tough one 20-19

   Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans
The Texans won thier division, are in the playoffs and will be more woried about player health for the playoffs.  The Panthers win 27-20

   Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders
Both in the hunt for the playoffs. Both are fair teams and must win this game.  Detroit wins 31-27

   New England Patroits vs Denver Broncos
FINALLY we get to see who is better at football, Jesus Christ or Tom Brady!  The epic battle of the week as the rest of the fallen call forth to Brady to end the Tebow Christ show this week.  Sadly, they wont. Denver wins 24-21

   New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles
Last week i missed that Vick would be back.  The Eagles have nothing to lose and will play that way.  Eagles win 27-24

   Cleveland Browns vs Arizona Cardinals
Not much to see here.  Cleveland wins in a nailbiter 17-14

   Baltimore Ravens vs San Diego Chargers
The roll is on!  San Diego is unstoppable.  Chargers win 31-21
Go Bolts!

   Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Francisco 49ers
I got nothing here.  The Steelers are good, the 49ers are good. This could be the best game of the week if not for the Brady/Tebow matchup.  The Steelers win this one 23-21 in OT.

   There ya go.  Enjoy your week of football!  



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2 Responses to Totally Uninformed: NFL picks for week 15!

  1. foultalk says:

    I think I’ve determined the REAL reason Tebow keeps winning. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with luck, skill, tiger blood or divine intervention. Check out my thoughts here:

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