Star Wars: The Old Republic – Waves of Sadness.

Day 2 has come and gone, and while I did not expect my key to the great SWTOR to arrive today I am still sad it didnt.  I know I know, it is what my procrastinating ass deserves.  That said, if all goes well I might get my email in the 4th wave tommorow.  

   Now I get to play catchup to the rest of my friends who started yesterday and today.  Which really sucks.  They will be atleast 10 levels above me maybe more, and totally engrossed in the story, so any chance of group shenanaigans is gone cause no one wants to drag the level 3 guy with them on stuff.  Now I am not upset or anything cause my multiplaying friends rock.  I just wish that the guys releasing the waves could have done it all in just 2 days and not 3 or maybe even 4.  Its hard to foster guild good times with staggered start times. 

   Oh well enough bitchin.  Time to head back to the twitter feed and watch everyone post happy tweets while playing SWTOR.  Me, I will be in Skyrim again stealing stuff and finishing my achievements. 

   Have fun guys and gals!


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