Jumpin on the Bandwagon!

Since I am also one of the poor souls who didnt get first thing this morning early access to Star Wars: The Old Republic I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of wishing everyone who did well and good luck to EA/Bioware on a smooth launch week.

With that said now I can get back to hoping I get an email today to let me in to SWTOR. Yeah Yeah I know I preordered late but I had tough choices to make and I wanted to be sure I really wanted the game and wasnt just biting into bandwagon pie like I did with Warhammer Online. I didnt get a beta invite till late november so I couldnet even consider a preorder till I atleast saw the game in action once. I was not impressed with the graphics, I’m sorry but they are not as great as people were saying they were. They are decent enough, but I expected more. Everything else was good though. So I preordered Dec. 4th. So I’m prolly gonna be one of the last people in game and I’m jealous cause I actually have today off normally so I could get my names and be happy.

Well, off to goof off on twitter and stuff. See you in game sometime this week 🙂


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