Totally uninformed picks for this week in the NFL.

This is my picks to win for this week.  I have done no research outside of my normal football watching each week.  So here we go.

Houston Texans vs Cinncinati Bengals.
Easy enough, the Texans win 21-13

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings.
Since Detroit has proven me wrong on my 6-10, and because the Viqueens suck, I am going with Detroit winning 34-17.

New Orleans Saints vs Tennesse Titans.
This one seems to be telling me the Saints win 24-10

Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles can do no right and the Dolphins win big 33-7

Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets
This one reeks of defensive struggle. The Jets win 10-6

New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins
Sexy Rexy and the Redskins are no match for the Patriots. Patriots win 24-0

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers
Gotta go with the Panthers winning 17-14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Buccaneers suck… Jacksonville sucks. This game will suck and the Jaguars win 13-10

Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens
Hahahahahhaha Colts.  Ravens win 27-3

Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos
Tebow Christ will prove too much for the patchwork Bears.  Broncos win 23-13

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals
49ers win 24-10

Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders.
Green Bay is invincible and wins again… 35-14

Buffalo Bills vs San Diego Chargers
The Bolts have their swagger back after stopping the losing streak last week and win again 31-24

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys
Tough one here. Giants win 20-17

And finally…

St Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle handles the Rams easily and wins 21-7

So there ya have it.  My totally uninformed picks. I decided to do this too late for the Thursday game.  If i do it again i will make sure to do it earlier.  Enjoy your Sunday and as always.  GO BOLTS!


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