Totally uninformed: NFL picks update!

So the Sunday games are over and some were exciting and others… not so much.  I will show my predictions next to the actual outcome and see how poorly i did.

Houston Texans vs Cinncinati Bengals
Me: Houston 21 Cinncinati 13
Actual: Houston 20 Cinncinati 19
I wasnt too far off! W

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings
Me: Detroit 34 Minnesota 17
Actual: Detroit 34 Minnesota 28
Holy shit… got the Detroit score right! and thanks for sucking ass Viqueens! W

New Orleans Saints vs Tennesse Titans
Me: New Orleans 24 Tennesse 10
Actual: New Orleans 22 Tennesse 17
God damn im on a roll! W

Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles
Me: Miami 33 Philadelphia 7
Actual: Philadelphia 26 Miami 10
Damn… in my defense i had no idea Vick was back. heh L

Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets
Me: New York 10 Kansas City 6
Actual: New York 37 Kansas City 10
Ok, i got it right but i was way off on the score. still a W for me! W

New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins
Me: New England 24 Washington 0
Actual: New England 34 Washington 27
Again, i was right, but ill be damned, the Redskins came to play! W

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers
Me: Carolina 17 Atlanta 14
Actual: Atlanta 31 Carolina 23
Damn. I really thought the Panthers would win this one. L

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Me: Jacksonville 13 Tampa Bay 10
Actual: Jacksonville 41 Tampa Bay 14
Holy WTF Tampax Bay… I thought you would at least make it a game. W

Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens
Me: Baltimore 27 Indianapolis 3
Actual: Baltimore 24 Indianapolis 10
Yeah, my 1 yr old could have predicted this game. W

Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos
Me: Denver 23 Chicago 13
Actual: Denver 13 Chicago 10
Believe in Jebus and Teebs! I am begining to think Jesus has decided to prove his existance through football. Cause the Broncos shouldnt be winning any games EVER! W

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals
Me: San Francisco 24 Arizona 10
Actual: Arizona 21 San Francisco 19
How the hell did this happen? No really, how.. did San Fran sit people or something lols. L

Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders
Me: Green Bay 35 Oakland 14
Actual: Green Bay 46 Oakland 16
So will Green Bay 16-0 it or will they Colt it and sit thier starters the last few games. W

Buffalo Bills vs Sand Diego Chargers
Me:San Diego 31 Buffalo 24
Actual: San Diego 37 Buffalo 10
WOOT! BOLT UP! (Yeah my team is the Chargers so i am a little more in the know on them) W

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys
Me: New York 20 Dallas 17
Actual: New York 37 Dallas 34
I had the general theme of the game right… but both teams decided it would be more fun to not play defense. Atleast the Dallas coach wasnt the one who iced his kicker this time! W

St Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks
Me: Seattle 21 St Louis 7
Actual: Seattle 30 St Louis 13
Woot… I am a picking machine W

My record: 12 right 3 wrong I would say thats pretty good. also, i would like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for guiding me in my picks… what… it obviously works for Tebow!


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