So in years past I always missed this little thing, so when I saw it was on tonight and I also had unlimited access to the TV I figured what the heck, lets see what this show is about.

First off I really just assumed it was some lame award show where they pay off someone famous to come out and shout dude, pwned, and various other gamer specific catchphrases, thankfully it wasnt like that.  So that Chuck guy came out, and god I find him so damn annoying, but I pressed on.  It reminded me of a cheap but more friendly Oscars, which I kinda figured since its pretty much the same format heh. The highlight of the night was the random Felicia Day appearances (mmm Spiderman Felicia… yay!) and the various sneak peeks at upcoming games.

So all in all I was mildly pleased with the VGAs, it wasnt as over the top as i assumed it would be.  I was happy to see (OMG SPOILERS!!!!!11111oneoneone) Skyrim win game of the year (honestly, did anyone think it wasnt gonna win?) and the show really showed me that this was a DAMN fine year for games.  Next year is looking good as well.  I’m super excited for Rainbow Six Patriots, as in I WANT THAT GAME NOW! Also can’t wait for the not mentioned in the VGAs Far Cry 3.

The night was only spoiled by the fact I left Spike on and that POS Deadliest Warrior show came on (really… you didn’t cancel it like Animal Face-Off yet?), and it had… get this…  Vampire vs Zombies.  Really Spike, that’s all you could come up with?  Fuck Spike, I swear to god its one of the worst TV stations around.  At least G4 has Ninja Warrior!



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5 Responses to VGAs

  1. Scarybooster says:

    I missed it and I’ve never seen it. Skyrim was a given. I saw the Diablo 3 trailer and meh meh mehed. I played the beta and the game is boring as hell. Good thing because it is about hell.

    • Heh. I have never even seen a Diablo game being played. i dont know what it looks like or even what its about 🙂 Honestly I really just wanted to seen the sneek peeks, so i coulda just waited till tommorow and watched them on youtube. but as i said, i had nothing better to do so why not watch it live.

  2. IHateBestBuyCommercials says:

    Don’t forget about the fantastic way of keeping speeches short -tbag anyone?

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