Skyrim vs Star Wars: The Old Republic

As the day draws closer to the release of SWTOR my mind still cant help but think about Skyrim stuff.  This got me thinking that Skyrim could be a huge factor in helping SWTOR, hear me out. 

  Skyrim is a huge success in the face of a gaming community that seems to be demanding online multiplayer for every possible game. It manages to make it despite have no multiplayer of any kind and relying solely on single player story.  Yes, it has near endless paths to take to get through the story and actually endless side quests and missions and god know what else. 

  SWTOR is a MMO of a new kind, its story driven more so than any other MMO i have played yet.  Its fresh, but still familiar.  And i really think that thanks to Skyrims huge succes that it can only benefit from people realizing that a single player story can  sell a game.  Sure, SWTOR is multiplayer at heart, but the main storyline is yours to enjoy alone with your companions (just like Skyrim heh) if you so like.  And much like Skyrim, once you finish the main story, you have endless opportunities to do as you please.  Quests to finish up, places to see, things to craft and people to meet. 
I personally am very excited to see how SWTOR works out, i wish them nothing but the best.  So heres to a flawless launch and many years of successful expansions.


ps. Yeah, i used that title hoping to draw more people in.

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2 Responses to Skyrim vs Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Yeah Skyrim is a great story and it might help people realize SWTOR has something going for it, but some people will just cry theme park and not try it. The story really does make the game. It makes you want to quest. It’s the first MMO that really just makes me want to see what happens next.

    • Yeah, but i have heard a lot less themepark cries since Skyrims release. So im hoping it really showed people a themepark isnt all bad. cause while skyrim is openworld, its still a themepark if you want it to be. a game is what you make of it. just cause its “on rails” or “themepark” doesnt mean you cant find something outside the norm to do. I want people to see this cause i want SWTOr to do amazingly well.

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