Writing is a bitch.

I am a dreamer.  I spend my days at work dreaming up entire worlds with histories, stories, and other things that help make a made up world feel alive.  My problem is the thoughts sit in my head and without any writing skill they stay there.  So instead I just build onto the world I am creating, but I end up thinking like a history book and less like an actual story.  I have acually considered writing my thoughts as a fictional history book.  

So far though, the closest I have come to putting any ideas into an actual work was in Halo.  I came up with all these world ideas and would find a way to use the Forge in Halo 3 and build playable map variants and (atleast according to my friends) they were really good.  The same went for Far Cry 2 the editor in that game was unbelieveable, I actually built my neighborhood as a playable level.  You could snipe from my house, play on my kids playset, and even drive my car.  (too bad the same friends hated Far Cry 2… Assholes)

I am trying to expand my horizons and teach myself how to express myself with words more.  I know my first few maps were crap compared to some of my last few maps. Hopefully this will work out the same way.  So any pointers, helpful hints, or whatever, feel free to pass them my way. 


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11 Responses to Writing is a bitch.

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Like I said in my blog post, blogging is just a diary. Just write down your thoughts and it will come naturally after awhile. Shit, I make tons of mistakes all the time but I’m having fun writing. If I went back to my posts 4 years ago I would probably cringe at them. Blogging is a way to practice writing. Really nothing more than that. The people that fail at blogging think it is some easy way to become rich and get massive amounts off attention. I’ve been blogging for 4 years and because I do it for the creativity of it, I don’t get very many hits. Forget the hits. Most likely with all the blog out there, you will get between 10-100 hits a day for the first year. Only if you become a fan site and write boring ass crap will you exceed that. Don’t get me wrong , there will be days you might get a 1,000 hits but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s about you on your blog not others. Be yourself and the people that like that will faitful to you. I have about 10 people that read my blog. Mainly I write for myself and I am glad others like it.

    Just like anything in the world. If you want to be successful you need to:

    1. Do something nobody else is doing. Ask yourself, What is unique about me and my blog.

    2. Do it because you love it

    3. Practice

    4. Fake it till you make it

    5. Know you threshold. Don’t write because you feel you have to. Don’t write because that is what they want to hear. Don’t write when you don’t want to.

    Write your ideas down and they will give you other ideas. The comments help expand your ideas. Oh and your best post you have ever written will get 1 hit and your worst will make you famous. The Internet is alive you can’t control it.

  2. Jason Williams says:

    Totally awesome. I love seeing new writers emerge. I blogged for a long time and burned myself out because I treated it like a job. Did I have a bunch of fans and tons of daily hits? Sure.

    But it stopped being fun.

    Stay where you are, mentally, and you will enjoy blogging. I promise. And measure your success by how much you grow as a writer. That’s where it really counts.


  3. dante668 says:

    Don’t be afraid to write crap. Call it a rough draft instead.

  4. rowan says:

    It’s been said. But the biggest thing is just to get it down on paper, or into the computer. Most of Tolkien’s work was just the sort of “historical” stuff you’re talking about. I haven’t ever written a novel or anything, but I do write stuff that occurs to me.

    The map making is really cool.

    • My historical problem is i cant or dont know how to develop characters. Its like an alien concept to me. But im gonna try eventually. For now i will keep using this to figure out the best way to get info from my brain onto paper coherantly. I love map making, been doing it since doom. I once built a free UO shard as well but never actually used it. I should get back into level design cause its when i really have the most fun playing games.

      • Scarybooster says:

        I’m still floundering with how to develop characters. I need to practice it more. Unfortunately, blogging is more of a 1st person platform and not a 3rd needed for character Developement. I just need to practice it more and that is the exact way to do anything.

      • Yup. But i first need to practice getting my thoughts down. Then i will try tackling making a character.

  5. Scarybooster says:

    Ya just bang it out. Some bloggers think it is all about research and spending hours upon hours perfecting a blog post, but I think they are crazy. I blog from my heart and the edge of my seat. I like a blog post to have a beat like a good song. I hate the monotone posts that tell me how I should blog or how I’m not doing it right because I am not serious. Shit, I post stuff sometime I know is wrong and stupid just to make myself laugh. I think I laugh and read my blog more than other people do. It what ever the hell I want and people can go to hell if they don’t like it.

    Your style might be different but it will be your style. That is the key to having fun blogging. If analyzing maps for day and then posting your thoughts is your style, take that and run with it. Somebody is bond to think the same way as you and enjoy your wisdom.

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