I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but like so many things I have thought about doing in my life I just left it in my head as an idea that would be fun but not something I would ever do.  I have zero writing talent, and no real rhyme or reason to what goes through my mind, and really, I shouldnt even do this.  But I am gonna do it anyways.

I have no real clue what i will write about, I love video games, I love being a reality troll( ya know saying and doing things in real life that get people all riled up), and I love other nerdly past times.  Many times I have these thoughts about these subjects and thought hey… maybe someone else would get a giggle out of reading them, but then poof, I forget and they are gone.  So from now on at random intervals I will post random crap up here and maybe someone will read it.

I make no guarantee that it will be good, or spell checked, or even be in good taste.  So sit back and enjoy… or be irritated, the Cortical Scrub is here for you.


And yes…  I got my name from a NetRunner card.


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4 Responses to So…

  1. MaeveMP says:

    Welcome to the blogging world! May you better at actually getting posts posted than me!

    Reality troll, huh? I had my suspicions…

  2. Well I got one. thats 100% better than I had planned. Woot for low expectations!

    And yeah, I guess its more of I just like to be contrary. My mom would always tell me I will argue that the sky isnt blue (it isnt damnit!) But people seem to take it the wrong way too often. so I guess im a troll

  3. Scarybooster says:

    Just do what I do, make shit up and blame spelling and grammar on your mobile device. Welcome to the ranks of people that don’t do shit but act like they know everything about shit. May you take heaping helpings of shit on the Internet

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