Gamer Depression

It sounds bad doesn’t it?  I have mild case of it right now, and it only has one cure. 

First let me explain what gamer depression is to me.  Every year, especially right around the end of August I fall into this gaming funk, no matter how many great games I have I just don’t want to even touch them.  I fire up my PC, Xbox, or PS3 then I just stare at my collection of games and wonder why am I even bothering, I don’t want to play these games.  For the longest time I really couldnt explain it but by the end of December I was out of the funk and gaming 8+ hours a day.   Looking back, it was painfully obvious what the problem was… I was hooked on the hype machine of the November releases.

This year was the worst.  By August 1st all I cared about playing was Skyrim, but Skyrim doesnt come out till 11/11/11.  So my time in Rift suffered cause all my brain could think about was playing Skyrim.  Sure, it was distracted by Modern Warfare 3 but even that suffered cause I just wanted Skyrim.  I ended up quitting Rift cause it made me think of Skyrim, and I instead dumped myself into Halo:Reach again. It was the lest like Skyrim game I could find, plus I really wanted to get the Caboose Mark V helmet.

I am again feeling a slight twinge of gamer depression, althoug not as bad as the Skyrim strain I had.  Im back in Rift again, but last night I just really didnt want to even bother, so i ended up watching Blue Bloods. (Tom Selleck’s moustache is still epic.) So what is causing this bout of gamer depression, its none other than Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The game I wasnt gonna buy right away has me in its grip.  So I am gonna just let my Rift sub expire and buy SWTOR when it comes out. 


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4 Responses to Gamer Depression

  1. Scarybooster says:

    At least you’ll get a great month of gaming before you get burnt out on Story story story. I know I’ll be playing it for a long time because I’m a slow gamer due to a busy life and sex. I’m an addict. Hype sucks because you want so bad and when a game finally releases you crash like a drug and look for the next hype machine to pick you back up. It’s harder as a social network butterfly because the negative comments start to weigh you down and you start to see what other people see and become as negative. Back before Twitter and FB it was easy to play a game and not care about negative crap. Nowadays the crap is in your face as fast as you open your eyes in the morning. Our own hype addiction hurts our fun in the end.

    • I got 5 kids, my life is busy too. I just choose gaming over sleep so i still have family time. I know i can get more than a month of fun out of SWTOR, hell i have almost a year in Rift and i only do things solo in that game. I can find fun in almost any game.

      • Scarybooster says:

        Ya and to me Rift was polished and had great talent trees, but I’ll be damned if questing was worse than playing Tetris for 8 hours straight. 5 kids is a lot. I need my beauty sleep tho

      • Haha. 5 kids isnt a lot. Its more like… Sorry honey, we need to buy 2 xboxes and ps3s, if we dont how can we all play, i dont want to make anyone cry cause they got left out. 🙂

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